Synopsis for Book One – The Third Dragon

The Third Dragon©

Book One of the Dukarian Legacy

By Dawn R. Ross

Generations of war has devastated the land of Ungal.  The people are forced to endure constant violence and turmoil.  But there is hope.  The oracles reveal the Prophecy of Peace.  It is foretold that the Third Dragon will set the Prophecy in motion and eventually bring peace to the land.

Our hero, Tomis Dukar, is the third son of King Haban Dukar, descendant of the ancient Dragon clan.  Tomis is fated to be the Third Dragon of the Prophecy, but his father has his own ideas of how the Prophecy is to be fulfilled.  King Haban sees Tomis as a threat to his ambitions.  Especially when he learns Tomis has the magical ability to heal or kill with a mere touch.  So before Tomis can fulfill his destiny, he must survive the evil of his father.

Blood is drawn; the choice is made.  Tomis begins his journey when he is still a young boy.  He is rescued by a common soldier, who has some magical ability to sense the thoughts of others.  An enemy of the King, Lord Kildas Lakast of the Raven clan, aids Tomis against the King’s soldiers.  Sisters of an order of magic protect him from the magic of the King’s necromancer.

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