Death of a Wreched Man © – Poem by D. R. Ross

Death of a Wretched Man ©

 Life has taken its toll.
A man with no name mourns his own tortured soul.
He wants to end his pain, but has no control. 

It is at the hands of others
In which he suffers.
Their heartless misdeeds
Is why his body bleeds. 

All he has ever done was endure,
And live the life of the wretched and obscure. 

Then his agony is soothed by something dark and pure.
With his heart’s mind, he grasps for the lure. 

The shadowy abyss comes near,
And the eyes of death appear.
The man realizes he has nothing to fear.
He knows it will make all his pain disappear. 

Like the candle’s dying light,
Like the moon bearing the night,
His memories become dim,
As the darkness embraces him. 

His body calms.  He closes his eyes and lowers his head.
His pain ends…  It’s forever gone…  ETERNALLY DEAD.


One Response to “Death of a Wreched Man © – Poem by D. R. Ross”

  1. Very moving. I especially like the words, With his heart’s mind, because there is truly a profound wisdom center within the heart. We all know it and feel it, yet it’s tough to describe. This poem does so beautifully. Well done.

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