Writing a Book – Front Matter / Back Matter

I am reading “Start Your Own Self-Publishing Business” and finding that I still have a long hard road ahead of me before I can sell my books.  One of the things this book talks about is the need for me to have front and back matter.  What is front and back matter?  It is the stuff in the book which is not part of the story but essential to the book itself.

Essential Front Matter for a Fiction Book:

  • Half Title Page – Includes book title and subtitle only.
  • Title Page – includes book title, subtitle, author, publisher, and more.
  • Copyright Page – includes copyright, all rights reserved statement, ISBN, and more.

Optional Front Matter for My Fiction Book:

  • Book Blurbs – quotes from those who read the book – preferable someone well-known.  I do not yet have any book blurbs.
    Map – As with most fantasy novels, a map is essential when writing about a fictional place.

Back Matter for a Fiction Book:

All back matter for a fiction book is optional.  I may have an appendix for people and place descriptions.  I may also have an About the Author section.  I may add an order form on the back so that people know how they can order more of my books.  And I will probably have a short synopsis of the book on the back cover.

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