Guardian of Destiny by D. R. Ross

Guardian of Destiny

Guardian of Destiny (c) by D. R. Ross

The Guardian of Destiny is a book I am writing which is outside of the Dukarian Legacy series.  I have written 1/5th of the book so far.  But it has been on a shelf for some time.  I want to write it, but I just don’t have the time.  My focus has been on running websites for my other love – dogs.  And recently my focus has been on getting the Dukarian Legacy edited then published.  It may be some time before you see the Guardian of Destiny, but here is a short synopsis.

In the midst of a battle at the Black Wall, two children are kidnapped.  The children escape with the help of an Emerald Falcon Knight.  But now they must flee for their lives from the Great Lord Dorovan.  Dorovan is a deposed god who struggles against his human restraints to take back his godship and rule all the lands.  Despite his humanism, he still has great powers.  But are these powers great enough to capture the child who holds his destiny in the balance?

Only the Guardian of Destiny can save this child and her sister.  But Galavan is just a humble knight with limited magical talents.  And he is honor bound to the Knighthood.  Will he abandon his duties to save what he believes are just mere children?  And if so, will he be able to outwit a god?

Flee across Sendovia with Galavan, the two children, and a disillusioned priestess.  Fight against the wrath of a god and his evil minions.  Join forces with magical creatures and watch as destiny is fulfilled.


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