Converting eBooks to .pdf and Other Formats

My Uncle Brian will be glad to know that I have just begun to learn how to convert my books into .pdf and other formats.  It is not as difficult as I thought.  I have already converted some files to .pdf.  It was as simple as using “Save As” in Microsoft Word (I didn’t have Microsoft Word until recently).  If you have Microsoft Works, it may be more difficult.  But there are free conversion programs on the web.

Converting to other file types may not be quite as simple, but I am learning.  I am reading this great book, “How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free” by Jason Matthews.  His ebook version is less than $5 but he provides a lot of great information and gives a lot of great sources for learning or finding free conversion programs.  I bought his book in the slightly more expensive paper version since I like to write in my books.

Other types of files you may want to convert to include .html, .azw, .epub, and more.  This is because you want to convert your ebook into as many formats as you can.  Besides building a website, there are many other ways to sell your ebook.  There is Amazon, ebay, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, and more.  And each of them may only accept a certain format.  Most of them, however, provide you with a free way to convert to their format.

Smashwords Style Guide has been very helpful and I am currently cleaning up my book into the simplest word format.  Once converted into a simple word format, it will be much easier to convert the file.  Cleaning up my book into the simplest word format includes eliminating tabs and indents, using simple paragraph formats, cleaning up fonts, etc.  It is so much more than I thought it would be.  But at least it is just tedious and not complicated.


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