Map of Ungal

Map of Ungal

Map of the Magical Land of Ungal in The Dukarian Legacy

While working on formatting my book, I have learned that pictures may be difficult to insert into e-format.  It won’t be impossible, but it may be difficult.  For just in case I have trouble, I thought I would share a map of this made up world of the Dukarian Legacy.

The Dukarian Legacy centers around the make-believe land of Ungal.  Interesting places to visit in Ungal include the Wastelands, Lagor Highlands, Fire Peaks, and more.  The Wastelands is a forsaken desert-like place which magically gets larger and more desolate as the wars ravage in Ungal.  The Lagor Highlands has numerous canyons and places hidden and untouched by man.  It is also the hiding place of the original magic people of Ungal.  As you may have guess from its name, Fire Peaks is a place of volcanoes and dark creatures.

Not all of these magical places will be visited in book one, or even books two and three.  But I have plans for all of them.  I also have plans for the surrounding countries like Menkhara and most especially Tethra.

I am closer to getting my book in e-format.  Keep visiting to find out more!

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