Is My Fantasy Novel as Good as Other Fantasy Novels?

The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2) by Patrick Rothfuss

It has been a few weeks now since I have worked on getting my fantasy novel in a format which I can put on Smashwords.  It’s really not all that difficult since Smashwords gives detailed step by step instructions.  But once again, I have found myself procrastinating.  I am too tired, too busy, or I just can’t motivate myself.  I am also very distracted with a fantasy novel I am reading.

I just finished reading “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss and am now reading the sequel, “The Wise Man’s Fear”.  I just can’t put it down.  I am so engrossed that almost everything else is taking a back seat.

As I am reading his fantasy novels, I am once again reminded of my striking inadequacy as a writer.  Patrick Rothfuss writes so well.  I am compelled by the characters and sucked fully into the story.  The characters are more than believable, especially the main character who has a tendency to speak and act without thinking of the consequences.  The dialog between characters flows naturally and are not at all awkward or prone to give long boring discourses.  The story is a fictional biography of sorts so it is a bunch of small stories within one big long story.  As a biography, the main character has both good times and bad.  And even when he is having good times, I still want to read more to see what other trouble he can get himself into.

In my imagination, the main character in my book is just as compelling.  I have had his story in my head for so long that he is often in my dreams.  During the day when I daydream, I think of yet another adventure he can get himself into.  But I am not so sure that this character is as compelling on paper.  Did I write him as well as I imagine him?  Are his character and his story believable?  Are the relationships between him and the other characters convincing?

I may not be as good of a writer as Patrick Rothfuss and other well-known fantasy authors.  But how will I know unless I get my fantasy novel out there for you to read?


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