Why I Like Yola.com as Compared to Webs.com

Visit my Yola.com site for the short story, "Tree Song"

I’ve recently created a couple of websites for my short stories.  These websites were free at Yola.com and Webs.com.  I made http://treesongbydawnross.yolasite.com/ from Yola.com for my short story titled “Tree Song” and http://celticdragonbydawnross.webs.com/index.htm from Webs.com for my short story titled “Celtic Dragon”.

Of the two sites, I much prefer Yola.com.  Why?  Because I hate the ad on Webs.com.  As far as I can figure, there is no way to alter that ad.  Also, the ad changes and sometimes the ad is misleading.  One of the ads indicated that it was a video.  So people who visited the site clicked on it thinking it was a video for my short story.  And guess what?  They got an error message from their firewall advising that the link was potentially harmless.  AWFUL!

The other thing I don’t like is that I have a hard time entering code.  With Yola.com, I was able to easily add my Google Adsense code.  And since I can easily add the code, I can put it anywhere I want and not have it interfere with or mislead my site.  I can also choose which ads I do not want.

As far as usability goes, both Yola.com and Webs.com are equally simple.  They are different but I did not find one more difficult than the other.  And both have an equal varied assortment of templates.

If it were not for the misleading ads, I would have a difficult time choosing between Yola.com and Webs.com.  But since Webs.com has the ugly ads, I will not use them again or recommend them to a friend.  I’m sorry, Webs.com, if this is your means of making money.  I choose Yola.com.

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