My Fantasy Art – Inspired by The Dukarian Legacy

Blue Dragon by Dawn Ross
“Blue Dragon” by Dawn Ross

My love for fantasy novels extends to fantasy art.  I love Ruth Thompson, Nene Thomas, Boris Valleyo, Keith Parkinson, and many many others.  While fantasy authors inspired me to write fantasy, fantasy artists inspired me to draw fantasy art.  I didn’t just pick up a pencil one day and start drawing dragons.  I have always been an artist.  My theme has always been animals and/or nature.  You can check out my nature and wildlife artwork at

My first fantasy-like artwork was Horse in Armor.  It was a pencil sketch I drew when I was a teenager.  I had given it to my Grandma.  Several years later when she died, I was given some of her books.  And lo-and-behold, the picture I had drawn for her was laminated and was being used as a bookmark!  It was a very memorable moment.

I didn’t draw fantasy art again until some years later.  I don’t remember what my next one was, but it was probably the Blue Dragon.  Birth of Chaos was next and was inspired by the title of Book Five of The Dukarian Legacy:  Dragon of Chaos.  Cave Fire Dragon is the most recent one I have done.  I actually started it several years ago and put it aside.  When I rediscovered it, the paper was messed up so I had to start all over again from scratch.  It is sort of inspired by Lord Kildas in Book Two of The Dukarian Legacy:  The Raven’s Fire.

My fantasy art is nowhere near as good as the fantasy art of Ruth Thompson and the others.  But it was fun to draw and paint.  I will never be a famous fantasy artist, or even just a famous artist (I may not ever even become a famous fantasy writer), but I just can’t help trying.

Birth of Chaos by Dawn Ross

"Birth of Chaos" by Dawn Ross"


Cave Fire Dragon by Dawn Ross

"Cave Fire Dragon" by Dawn Ross

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