Great Forum for Fantasy Writers

Whether you have written or want to write a fantasy novel, it helps to have a group of people support you.  Who better to help than people who also want to write or have written a fantasy novel?  Such a group could help you with your writing techniques, give you ideas, provide constructive criticism to your work, or give you tips on how to get your work published.

I searched long and hard for such a group.  I was hoping to find a local writers group but the town I live in is small.  I could drive to the Kansas City area, but the only groups I found were for writers in general.  I really wanted a group that specialized in fantasy writing.

While I did not find such a specialized group, I did find a great forum online.  Check out  It has everything I wanted except the local connection.  There are a lot of great people there with a lot of knowledge who are more than happy to help.  If I get stuck on certain terminology, such as medieval weapons, there is someone to help.  If I need ideas on how to make my rules of magic, there are people there to share their ideas.  And if I need someone to read what I have written, there are people there who would love to share their opinion of my work.

The website doesn’t look all that fancy, but it is full of great people with lots of knowledge.  Who could ask for anything more?  So if you need help to write a fantasy novel or to get your fantasy novel published, check out


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