What I Learned About My Characters from “45 Master Characters”

45 Master Characters

As I was reading “45 Master Characters“, I realized that each character in my book tended to fit into one or more of these archetypes or supporting characters.  I also realized that sometimes my character’s actions could not fit their archetype without an explanation.  For example, if a specific character is generally timid but is suddenly trying to hurt someone, I had to explain what drove that timid character to violence.

“45 Master Characters” also helped me understand what motivates a villain.  Being as I am not a villain myself, it was difficult for me to imagine what would make someone do something evil.  Haban, Tomis’ father in “The Third Dragon”, is an evil character.  He hurts his wife, his son, and has no problem hurting or killing others whether directly or indirectly.  What could motivate a person to do such a thing?

Haban fits well into the Dictator archetype.  The Dictator is the villainous side of the King.  While a King expects his commands and laws to be obeyed, the Dictator demands it.  The King may have someone who doesn’t obey his law be banished or jailed whereas the Dictator will have them tortured and killed.

Lucinda in “The Raven’s Fire” and “The Dragon and the Lion” is a little like the Amazon archetype.  Although she is a princess, she prefers to be out with the boys, mock fighting with swords, riding horses, and so on.  She hates wearing dresses and doesn’t care how she looks.

Queen Hanna in “The Dragon and the Lion” is a little like the Matriarch archetype.  She turns into the Scorned Woman when she feels that she has been betrayed.  She is a strong woman and not at all a submissive queen.  Everything she does, good and bad, is done because she believes it is what is best for her family line to stay on top.

Tomis is closest to the Messiah archetype.  Even though he is a child in the first three novels, it is obvious that he is growing into the qualities of the Messiah.  He questions right and wrong and always tries to do what is right.  He is willing to sacrifice himself for those he cares about.  And he is strong willed with ideals that others can look up to.

Reyker is a friendly supporting character for Tomis.  He is Tomis’ mentor.  Lord Kildas also becomes a sort of Mentor to Tomis but Lord Kildas is more like one of the main archetypes.  He could be a Protector with a few of the qualities of the Messiah.  Narvina and the Oracle are also a friendly supporting characters.  They are like the Magi described in “45 Master Characters”, with a few slight differences.

45 Master Characters” helped me refine and develop my characters more fully.  Without the information I learned from this book, my characters may have been dry and boring.  If you have written or want to write a fantasy novel, “45 Master Characters” could help you too.

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