Finding the Right Environment for Fantasy Writing

The biggest obstacle to fantasy writing and getting my book published has been my full time job.  When I get home from work, I am too tired to work on my book.  And weekends are full of chores and other activities.

But as of July 29th, 2011 I officially became a housewife.  I don’t have children yet so there shouldn’t be too much going on to keep me from working on my book.  So why haven’t I done anything yet?

I haven’t been completely idle.  I have a few websites and blogs that I have to maintain.  I have been working on a new website which I will share with you soon.  And I keep the house extra clean and cook meals.  Even after all that, I still have time to work on my book.  So what’s the deal?

My problem, once again, is procrastination.  And I just haven’t gotten used to being at home all day.  I haven’t found a routine yet so I just do whatever I feel like at the moment.  But if I ever want to get my book published then I have to start treating my book like a job, even if it is just a part time one.

Step One – Set aside a specific time for fantasy writing and stick to it.

Step Two – Make sure there are no distractions.  Some people like a TV or radio on.  If this works for you, then do it.  But make sure it doesn’t distract your focus.  Sometimes I like the TV on, but I make sure it is in another room so that I can hear it but not see it.  I usually put in a movie which I have already seen and one which inspires my fantasy writing creative juices – such as Lord of the Rings.

Step Three – Have everything for fantasy writing ready to go.  All the pens, paper, index cards, notes, reference materials, and/or computer files are easily accessible and in one place.

Step Four – STOP PROCRASTINATING and JUST DO IT!!!  This is the hardest part to fantasy writing, I know.

Well, we will see if that works.  As soon as I finish the new website I am building, I will share it with you… and then I will start focusing on my fantasy writing.  (Yes, I am procrastinating again.  But I am almost done as you will see next Saturday.)

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