Introducing a New Website: Information About Wolves


"Song of the North" short story and art by Dawn Ross


I love animals, especially carnivorous animals such as lions, bears, and wolves.  As an artist, I started out drawing animals and nature.  As a writer, I have written a couple of short stories about animals.  One such short story can be found on my new website – Information About Wolves.  Click the tab for Fictional Wolf Tale.

“Song of the North” was inspired by Native American legends.  While the rest of the world was scorning wolves and hunting them to near extinction, the Native Americans revered the wolf.  The wolf was a common element in Native American stories and was often the hero.  While my story is not based on any specific Native American legends, it has that Native American feel to it.

True to its name, Information About Wolves is also full of facts about wolves.  Most of the information applies specifically to the most widespread of wolves – the Gray Wolf.  Information about wolves includes wolf habitats, hunting methods, wolf behavior, etc.  I hope to add more information specifically about wolf subspecies such as the Arctic Wolf, Red Wolf, Iberian Wolf, and more in the near future.

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