Two Excerpts from “The Dukarian Legacy” Trilogy

I am still working on getting my book published.  It is not that it is difficult.  I am procrastinating because I am afraid that my book is not good enough.  As I read other fantasy novels and read reviews about that online, I realize that my writing and my story are highly inadequate.  But that is another blog post.

For now, I have linked to two new excerpts from my books.  The excerpts are right here on this very blog.  You can click one of the links under “Pages” on the right or click below:

The Red Moon Eclipse” is an excerpt from “The Third Dragon – Book One of the Dukarian Legacy”.  As the red moon crawls across the sky and covers the son, many of the primary characters of “The Third Dragon” watch as prophecy comes to life.  Some see it as an evil omen while others believe it heralds good things to come.  Whether it portends good or evil depends on where you stand.

Colors of Destiny” is an excerpt from “The Dragon and the Lion – Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross.  Mirella has a magical gift for seeing people for who they really are.  Her eyes can see the colors of their soul.  She knows if they are honest or deceivers, if they are kind or cruel, and if they are destined to do great things.  In this excerpt, Mirella is walking through the city and comparing the auras of the people she sees to the people she knows.  And what she sees is the truth that no one else knows.


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