Find Your Novel Online with Keyword Phrases

Using keywords and keyword phrases is the first very basic step to building a website for your novel.

Have you written a book and want to build a website for it? This can be done rather easily by using free space at or But building it is not enough if you hope to be found by browsers. In order to be found by browsers such as Google, your website has to have what are called keywords.  Google searches especially index your website based on keywords. And since Google is currently the biggest search tool people use, it is best to do things their way.

So what are keywords? Keywords are words or phrases that are found throughout the text of your website. Your website should have lots of information. Talk about your book, the author, testimonials from customers, etc. And throughout all this information, be sure to use specific keywords or keyword phrases.

How do keywords and keyword phrases work? Consider if you are looking for a recipe on how to make pot roast. You would most likely go to Google and enter ‘pot roast recipe’ or ‘how to cook pot roast’. The websites at the top of Google’s search generally have exactly what you are looking for. How did Google find them? Most likely, the websites found on this search are rich with the terms you put in the Google search. These terms are called keyword phrases.

So if you are writing a fantasy novel like me, you would want to have lots of information on your website and include terms/keyword phrases that you think people looking for a good fantasy novel will use in a Google search. An example of keyword phrases that you could use for your fantasy novel are ‘fantasy novel’, ‘fantasy book’, ‘fantasy author’, or ‘fantasy ebook’, and these are just to name a few of the many possibilities.

The keyword phrases you use is up to you. Your website can have up to ten keyword phrases so feel free to use variations of the same phrase or various different phrases. Your name can also be considered a keyword phrase since someday you hope that your name will be known and people will do Google searches on you (or your pen name). Your book title, too, should be considered one of the keyword phrases.

Be careful to make sure that your keyword phrases fit into the information on your site smoothly. Your readers should be able to read the information on your website without the keyword phrases standing by themselves or reading awkwardly into the text.

Although I am still working on building my website for my fantasy novel, I have built several other websites for other things. I don’t consider myself an expert on this topic, but I am no amateur either. The information here is just the basic information on keyword phrases. It is enough to get you started. If you want more detailed information and information on how to find good quality keyword phrases, visit There are also great books on Amazon for Building a Website.

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