First Fantasy Novel by Dawn Ross is Officially Published

Third Dragon Book Cover

"The Third Dragon: Book One of the Dukarian Legacy" by Dawn Ross

I finally have my fantasy novel available as an ebook! It is on right now and can be read on Kindle or on your computer. There are a few more tweaks to make, however.

1) I do not have an ISBN for my fantasy novel (Amazon does not require an ISBN).

2) The tabs are missing in the fantasy novel. I need to re-do it so that there are tabs at the beginning of each paragraph.

3) I need to add reviews to my fantasy novel. The only reviews I have currently are from friends and family. I need official reviews. Midwest Book Review is currently in the process of doing a review on my fantasy novel. However, before they complete the review they require that the ebook be available in at least one venue. So that is why my fantasy novel ebook is on Amazon before the review has been completed. I hope to have this done by November or December (and hopefully the review will be good).

4) I want a portion of the book to be available for free. Amazon has a feature called “Take a Look Inside” but I don’t want to add it until the above three items are taken care of.

The story itself will be the same once these four items are added/fixed. So you can read it now if you’d like. If you want to see a portion of the book for free first, please email me at I can send you the first five chapters or so. This way, if you don’t like my writing, you don’t have to waste your money on buying my book!

“The Third Dragon:  Book One of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross is now available on Amazon at

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