“The Raven’s Fire: Book Two of the Dukarian Legacy” Now on Amazon

The Raven's Fire

If you enjoyed “The Third Dragon: Book One of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross follow up with the newly released Kindle version of “The Raven’s Fire: Book Two of the Dukarian Legacy“. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download Amazon’s Kindle for PC for free and read away!

I’m so excited to finally finish publishing “The Raven’s Fire”! If you’re not sure about purchasing it, Amazon has the “Look Inside” feature so you can read part of it for free. Here is the summary:

Lord Kildas Lakast of the Raven clan is cursed by the mysterious People of the Dragon. Everyone he has ever known, including his wife and children, must beware the perils of the fire demons or be burned. To relieve the Curse of Fire, Kildas must travel into the enchanted Andagaran Mountains and find an egg of a dragon.

In the meantime, Tomis Dukar and his friends are attacked and held hostage by brutal Outlanders. The Outlander leader, Thorolf, threatens to take the lives of the Prince and Princess of Upper Ungal if the Crown of Creation is not given to him. With this Crown of the Gods, Thorolf could rule the world. Tomis is tempted to use his magic to kill Thorolf, but if he uses this blessed gift to bring death, the Prophecy of Peace will no longer hold true and the Brother of Death will prevail. Tomis’ cunning and the Curse of Fire may be all that can save him and the people of Ungal.

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