Night Angel Trilogy by Brandon Weeks

The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy)

Sometimes I am hesitant to read new authors. But when I saw the popularity and reviews of the Night Angel trilogy by Brandon Weeks, I decided to check them out. At once, I was drawn in and intrigued. In no time at all, I had read all three books, “The Way of Shadows”, “Shadow’s Edge”, and “Beyond the Shadows”.

I was lost in the world of the Night Angel trilogy. And after reading it, the riveting sensation lingered in my mind as parts of the story played over and over again in my head. Whenever I read something which affects me like this, my imagination opens up and I am inspired to write. In this case, I also wanted to write a review. But there was no way I could write a better review than the review on Dragons, Heroes, and Wizards blog – HERE.

These books are some of the darkest I’ve ever read and I would not recommend them to teens or anyone with a weak stomach. But if you enjoy epic fantasy and want a champion to emerge despite all the horrific odds stacked against him, the Night Angel trilogy is for you. Even in darkness there is light. And even a killer can become a hero.

Read a brief overview of book one, “The Way of Shadows“, by Brent Weeks on the Book-a-Holics blog – HERE.


2 Responses to “Night Angel Trilogy by Brandon Weeks”

  1. I bought this book on Kindle months ago and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. It’s good to keep seeing the positive reviews for it though; convinces me I didn’t waste my money lol.

  2. I also like this series. They are well written and definitely not for the week of stomach. Brent does a very good job of bring out the full spectrum of emotions in the reader.

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