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One day while perusing the net, I found this great blogger. The website is and it is called Invisible Ink. The blogger is Whitney Carter and she has put together a great fantasy blog. It’s so good, I’m envious.

The article that had first brought me to it was “WorldBuilding: How to Create a Currency“. You don’t think about things like this when you read a fantasy novel. But if you write one, it can be essential. How did people pay for things in your fantasy world? Did they use coin or did they barter? If they used coin, was it called money? The word money is a modern term, so it would probably be out of place in a fantasy novel. This blog post gives you an insight to the kinds of details that a writer needs to think about.

Once I read this article, I couldn’t help but to check out the rest of the blog to see if it had other insightful information. To my delight, it did! Check out the BattleCraft tab, for example. There are two great articles there. One is about archery and the other is about how swords were made. Both of these can be exceedingly helpful in writing a fantasy novel.

Another great tab to check out on this blog site is the WorldBuilding tab. This tab covers topics like Components of a Religion, How to Write Dragons, How to Write Taboos, and more.

Then there is the Author’s Scripts tab. This is where Whitney shares some of her writings. I enjoyed every single one of them. My favorite was the one called “Royce“. Within the first two paragraphs I was drawn in with the emotion of the character. I also liked “Strange Tracks“. This one is very short, less than 100 words. I liked it because it was written as a writing exercise. Write a story that says as much as possible in a creative way using only 100 words. What a great way to hone my own writing skills.

Whitney Carter is my hero! I haven’t been inspired to write much lately, but her blog Invisible Ink has helped reignite the spark. If you like to write, especially if you like to write fantasy, I encourage you to check it out.

Another writers blog worth checking out is I will write about this one next week.


4 Responses to “Invisible Ink – A Blog Worth Checking Out”

  1. T_T You’ve made my day. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a glowing review of my material on the blog or elsewhere! I’m pleased beyond words that you found the material helpful, and even more delighted that it provided the needed spark for your own writing. Kindling the muse and writer’s spirit is what Invisible Ink is all about, and it means the world to me to read your comments. 😀

  2. And on another note, I enjoy Cassidy’s work too!

  3. Reblogged this on Invisible Ink and commented:
    Dawn Ross has posted an outstanding review of Invisible Ink on her blog and I’m thrilled! This has inspired me to consider doing a blog spotlight of my own. Be sure to check out Dawn’s blog!

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