Thought Provoking Questions for a Writer

As promised from yesterday’s post about Cassidy Cornblatt’s blog, I wanted to share my answers to more thought provoking questions for writers.

1.    What keeps you writing when you have writer’s block? Forcing myself to sit down and write is the most difficult part. If I can just get passed that, then the mood usually comes upon me. Sometimes a good story, TV show, or movie will inspire me… even if it is one I’ve read or seen before.

2.    Most writers have a literary counterpart—a character from their stories who reflects themselves. Tell us about yours. I do not have a character that represents me. I think I am boring. But I will base characters on some of my flaws or make characters the way I’d like to be myself.

3.    What are your passions? Art, writing, and dogs. I love dogs. I have two. And I run a business related to dogs.

4.    You’ve had a fight with your significant other and you want to fix things. What do you do? Apologize for my own wrong doings then try to behave rationally – emphasis on the word ‘try’.

5.    What’s one injustice you see in the world that you would fix in a story? Politics. For once, I’d like a leader to act selflessly instead of selfishly. For once, I’d like to see a politician tell the truth instead of what they think people want to hear. For once, I’d like for them to compromise with their opponents instead of badmouthing them. Politics is ugly.

6.    If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? I’d like to figure out how I can manage my time better.

7.    What’s important to you at this point in time? Besides my wonderful husband and my two precious dogs? As far as my primary focus goes, I am working the hardest on my pet business, and related blogs and websites.

8.    Who is your hero/heroine? My dad is my hero.

9.    Do you make it a habit of telling others what you thought of their work, even if your experience wasn’t good? No. I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings and I don’t want them to retaliate by saying something bad about by work.

10. What is good will? Trying to act in such a way that doesn’t irritate other people as well as doing things for other people. Just little things are beneficial. Hold a door open for someone, smile at people, let someone in traffic merge in front of you, send someone a card, be nice to people in general even if they do something to irritate you, etc.

11. What would it take for you to make friends with an old enemy? If they apologized to me, I can forgive and possibly forget depending on the reason they are my enemy and how much time has passed. I don’t think I could approach an enemy unless I strongly felt that I was in the wrong.

These questions were proposed by Whitney Carter’s blog, Invisible Ink.

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