My New Writing Project

Spaceship in Space

Want to read a space opera?

I’m going to do something a little different with my writing. It’s obvious I haven’t written in some time. I promised to work on Guardian of Destiny, but lost interest. The tediousness of watching my grammar and punctuation along with trying to create an engaging setting has made writing a chore. So my new idea is just to write.

I have a new tale to tell. This one is science fiction. If you’ve read my fantasy novels, The Dukarian Legacy trilogy, then you may notice that the main character in this sci-fi story is similar in a lot of ways. What can I say? His character inspires me. I haven’t exactly duplicated him. The two characters are distinct enough to be different, but they share many parallels. I won’t tell you what those are. I don’t want to spoil the story.

So besides being sci-fi, what am I doing differently (as indicated above)? Many things. For one, I’m going to post most of the story here. I’m going to post it bit by bit. For another, I’m not going to worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, or anything. I’m just going to write.

This isn’t about writing the perfect story or novel. This is simply about getting the story in my head out and into a tangible format. Call it a space opera, if you will, which is just basically a story set in space with little regard to the science of living or traveling in space. (Star Wars is an example of a space opera.)

So if you’re just looking for a fun read, sign up for my blog and come along for a space ride.

(Feel free to comment on posts with constructive criticism, ideas for a better story, to point out errors, or even compliments!)

One Response to “My New Writing Project”

  1. Setting aside the editor side of your brain to just write is something a lot of us have a hard time with. I know I fuss endlessly over sentence structure and the overall purpose of entire pages, often to the extent of not writing. Using a blog to work out a story is a cool idea too – I’m looking forward to seeing if it works for you.

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