About Dawn

Why I Write
I have always had a vivid imagination. It started in my childhood when I was constantly picked on in school. I had few friends and those were finicky at best. So I often resorted to my imagination whether it was to make up stories in my head or draw or paint something creative. In my art, I preferred to draw animals and landscapes. But in the past few years, I have also been inspired to draw dragons and fairies. The stories I’ve dreamed up are also rather magical. Real-life can sometimes be difficult and unfair. Fantasy and science fiction offer a wonderful escape.

What I Write
My stories are about someone who has dealt with difficulties in their life but overcame them in a way that made them a better person. My main characters can deal with bullies in a way that I never could. They stand up for what’s right and find a way to give evildoers their just deserts, and without resorting to their level to do it. My characters have flaws but they try to do the right thing and end up being heroes. Adventures abound and good friends are found along the way.

My Writing
I am an amateur writer. I have taken a couple of classes, but I have learned the most about writing by reading. I have read several non-fiction writing help books and a ton of novels. My books are self-published, which means they probably aren’t as good as those of a professional writer. They’ve been professionally edited, but readers have pointed out several errors. Despite these shortcomings, I believe my stories are pretty good. I believe that the more I write, the better I get at storytelling. The Dukarian Legacy and The Kavakian Empire may not be your most favorite novels ever, but hopefully you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. And if you see some mistakes or have opinions on how I can do better, please feel free to share. Comment on this blog or send me an email at naturebydawn@aol.com.

The Dukarian Legacy
These are fantasy novels and they are the very first novels I have ever written. Tomis is the main character. I dreamed him up when I was a teenager. I started out daydreaming him into situations that I faced but didn’t know how to overcome. He had a strength that I didn’t and so he helped me get through some tough times. Over time, his ordeals got larger. He didn’t just deal with bullies, he dealt with abuse and monstrous people. I found myself building his life. This is why Tomis is so young in the first book, The Third Dragon. And why he is nearly an adult in the third book, The Dragon and the Lion. Tomis is rescued from an abusive father who also happens to be a king. His rescuer is a man who Tomis looks up to. While his father didn’t care for his son at first, he learned of his son’s importance through a prophecy. The prophecy spurs his father to search for him, but it’s not to welcome him home. It’s to kill him. Each book is broken down into a different adventure. You will have to read these books in order to find out if Tomis succeeds and if his father gets what is coming to him.

The Kavakian Empire
You will probably notice right away that the main character of this story is also a young boy. In truth, I took Tomis and put him in an entirely different setting and with different adventures. His name is Jori in this series. Although there are many similar elements with the abusive father and a man who becomes a good role model, Jori’s character is a little bit different. He is more of a warrior and has a far greater destiny. He starts out young, like Tomis. He grows to a young adult, like Tomis. But unlike Tomis, I will take Jori’s story far into his manhood. I plan on continuing his adventures until his retirement, at which the stories of his children will take over. There are also other characters who will emerge with their own stories to tell. The Kavakian Empire is very much like a space opera where the drama is broken down into parts, or novellas, sort of like a television series where each episode has its own story but it is supported by an ongoing story. I have most of the story already in my head. Keep reading my blog so you can follow the story as it comes to life.

4 Responses to “About Dawn”

  1. I’m enjoying your book on Amazon. I’ve also published a fantasy novel call “Fire Mage.” If you like, I’d be interested in swapping reviews. Cheers, John.

  2. D. R. Ross Says:

    Thanks! :0)

  3. I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award: http://cassidycornblatt.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/inspiring-blogger-award/

    Also, I know it has been a while, but thanks for the post you wrote about my blog!

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