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Book Cover Design Resources and Tips for Sci-Fi/Fantsay Authors

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Starfire Dragons Book Cover

For the self-publishing author, book cover designing can be tricky. It’s not as simple as finding art online and using it. You have to make sure it’s the right size and you have to pay for use of the image. Nor is it as simple as having a friend drawn and/or design your cover. You have to make sure you leave room for the book title and other factors. The first part of this post gives ideas on where to find book cover designers or buy art already made and for sale. The second part of this post gives you important tips in creating or selecting a design. This entire post is specific to sci-fi and fantasy authors.

Where to find art for your book cover design:

  • Freelance artists – Find a book cover designer on sites like,, and other freelance sites. Keep in mind that though the cost might seem like a bargain, you get what you pay for. Every once in a while, though, you can get both a good price and a great cover.
  • Public domain art – My sci-fi book cover is made partially from public domain images from NASA. You can also find public domain art on Wikimedia Commons, the Library of Congress, and National Archives.
  • Stockphotos – All my fantasy novels used art from a stock photo site. My favorites are,,, Be sure to read the usage rights on these. Some do not allow for use on book covers. Or if they do allow book cover use, they charge a lot more. Count on spending at least $50 for the image. The average I paid was $100.
  • Online art galleries – Deviantart is my favorite source for finding sci-fi and fantasy artists. If you see art you like, you might be able to buy it outright. Or if you see a style you like, you might be able to commission the artist. Not all artists are book cover designers so you will have to be specific in what size you need and the placement of your title and other text.
  • Contact an art school – Contact the art school’s illustration and design department to see if they are interested in a project. Offer to support the school in some way as a form of payment.
  • Ask a friend – This is what I ended up doing for my first sci-fi novel. If you don’t know an artist, ask your writer friends who they used for their art.

Dragonbone Chair ebook cover The Dragon and the Lion by Dawn Ross

Tips for making a good book cover design:

  • The image for your book cover design should be large and at least 300 dpi. This will be especially helpful if you plan on printing physical books rather than e-books. This will also be helpful for if you need to crop or re-size the image for other uses. I understand a lot of publishers want the image in .pdf format, but I’ve had no trouble using the .jpg format. You should have no trouble saving it in both formats.
  • The book cover image should have thumbnail appeal. The image can’t be so busy that viewers on a computer screen can’t tell what’s on the cover. I like how the ebook version of Tad Williams’ book The Dragonbone Chair is just a simple sword.
  • The image should be relevant without being cheesy. Again, I reference the cover for The Dragonbone Chair. Its simple design isn’t just easy to see in a thumbnail, it also indicates the book is a fantasy.
  • When combining two different images, make sure they work cohesively together and not cut-and-paste. My cover on The Dragon and the Lion is made from two separate images that I edited so that the color scheme matched and they look like they belong together.
  • Stick to classic fonts. You can be a little creative if you like, but don’t overdo it. And make sure that if you do get a little creative with your font that it is relevant to your book.
  • There should be room in the art for text placement. If you’re cover is of a warrior or something, make sure the book title can be seen without having to cover the warrior’s face or other important elements of the cover.
  • Don’t forget the back cover. If you have art for the back cover, make sure it is simply a continuation of the front cover and doesn’t introduce new elements or styles. Or you can simply use a solid color for the back cover.

That’s all I have for now. Where do you get your book cover art? Do you have any tips for making a good book cover design?

The Kavakian Empire Book One Book Cover

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What do you think of this book cover art design for Book One of the Kavakian Empire: Starfire Dragons, art by Anita Young?

Starfire Dragons Book Cover

Sketches for Book Cover – Starfire Dragons

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I have a basic idea for the book cover art for Part One of the Kavakian Empire: Starfire Dragons (Starfire Dragons is still a preliminary title unless I can come up with something better). The story opens up with a spaceship known as a Serpent being chased by another spaceship known as a Cougar. And the two ships are racing towards a blue-grey planet. So based on the descriptions I used in my story, here are the sketches of this scene.

Book Cover Part One Basic Sketch

The basic book cover art outline for Starfire Dragons, Part One of The Kavakian Empire.

Serpent Ship Sketch 2

The basic idea I have for the Serpent spaceship.

Cougar Ship Sketch 1

The basic idea I have for the Cougar spaceship.

My art sketches are really generic. Even though I am an artist, I really have no idea how to draw or paint a spaceship. So I have an artist that will be working on this for me.

What do you think?

Dukarian Legacy Book Three Cover is Complete

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I have finally finished the editing of “The Dragon and the Lion: Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy”. It will be published very very soon, hopefully as an e-book by the end of the month. And hopefully in the beginning of August as a paperback. In the meantime, check out the book cover design.

The Dragon and the Lion Book Cover

I paid for a royalty free image from The image was of a sunset scene with the silhouette of the dragon. And I inserted free clip art of the lioness. The clip art was originally of a yellow lioness, but I modified the colors to match the silhouette of the dragon.

What do you think?

Dawn Ross

My Fantasy Art – Inspired by The Dukarian Legacy

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Blue Dragon by Dawn Ross
“Blue Dragon” by Dawn Ross

My love for fantasy novels extends to fantasy art.  I love Ruth Thompson, Nene Thomas, Boris Valleyo, Keith Parkinson, and many many others.  While fantasy authors inspired me to write fantasy, fantasy artists inspired me to draw fantasy art.  I didn’t just pick up a pencil one day and start drawing dragons.  I have always been an artist.  My theme has always been animals and/or nature.  You can check out my nature and wildlife artwork at

My first fantasy-like artwork was Horse in Armor.  It was a pencil sketch I drew when I was a teenager.  I had given it to my Grandma.  Several years later when she died, I was given some of her books.  And lo-and-behold, the picture I had drawn for her was laminated and was being used as a bookmark!  It was a very memorable moment.

I didn’t draw fantasy art again until some years later.  I don’t remember what my next one was, but it was probably the Blue Dragon.  Birth of Chaos was next and was inspired by the title of Book Five of The Dukarian Legacy:  Dragon of Chaos.  Cave Fire Dragon is the most recent one I have done.  I actually started it several years ago and put it aside.  When I rediscovered it, the paper was messed up so I had to start all over again from scratch.  It is sort of inspired by Lord Kildas in Book Two of The Dukarian Legacy:  The Raven’s Fire.

My fantasy art is nowhere near as good as the fantasy art of Ruth Thompson and the others.  But it was fun to draw and paint.  I will never be a famous fantasy artist, or even just a famous artist (I may not ever even become a famous fantasy writer), but I just can’t help trying.

Birth of Chaos by Dawn Ross

"Birth of Chaos" by Dawn Ross"


Cave Fire Dragon by Dawn Ross

"Cave Fire Dragon" by Dawn Ross

Using for My Book Cover Art

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Third Dragon Book CoverI am currently reading “How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free” by Jason Matthews and this is helping me tremendously!  I have already learned a few things, including how to get quality book cover art relatively cheap.

You may have seen my post about hiring a graphic artist for my book cover, but Jason Matthews says I can use a photo from sites like  I am already a user of for photos on my blogs, but I guess I didn’t read their terms of service thoroughly.  After re-reading the terms of service I confirmed that it clearly says I can use photos for my book cover art.

I was a bit skeptical about finding a photo of a dragon on  But they don’t just have photos, they have artwork.  The above photo is my proposed book cover art for The Third Dragon.  What do you think?  Nice, huh?  And it only cost me a couple of dollars!

The Third Dragon is closer than ever to publication.  I am currently building a website and converting the files to pdf and other formats.  Keep posted to see when it is ready!

Should I Get a Graphic Artist to Design My Book Cover?

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I am an artist, but I am not a graphic artist or illustrator.  I am also not very good at drawing people, dragons, or architecture.  The above painting is my first color version of what I wanted my book cover to look like.  As you can see, it needs a lot of work.  I wanted the dragon to fade out of the fire.  I wanted the castle too look more fantastical and to look like it was on fire.  And I wanted the fire to actually look like fire.  Reyker and Tomis Dukar don’t look right either.  Reyker’s face isn’t quite right.  And Tomis looks like a girl.  He is supposed to be a 10 year old boy.

I am reading a book on how to get published and it is talking about finding an illustrator to do my book cover art for me.  This sounds great except it can cost quite a bit – probably $2,000 or more.  Ouch!!  But it might really be worth it.  I am currently researching illustrators online but how do I know which ones I can trust to do the job right?  How do I know they will follow through?  I will probably have to pay an upfront fee, even for the preliminary sketches, so finding an established illustrator is a must.  It can’t just be any established graphic artist either.  They would have to specialize in fantasy art.  And I would have to like their style.

If I do an e-book, I may not need a fantasy graphic artist.  It would be a nice touch, though.