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Two Excerpts from “The Dukarian Legacy” Trilogy

Posted in Other Stories with tags on September 3, 2011 by Dawn Ross

I am still working on getting my book published.  It is not that it is difficult.  I am procrastinating because I am afraid that my book is not good enough.  As I read other fantasy novels and read reviews about that online, I realize that my writing and my story are highly inadequate.  But that is another blog post.

For now, I have linked to two new excerpts from my books.  The excerpts are right here on this very blog.  You can click one of the links under “Pages” on the right or click below:

The Red Moon Eclipse” is an excerpt from “The Third Dragon – Book One of the Dukarian Legacy”.  As the red moon crawls across the sky and covers the son, many of the primary characters of “The Third Dragon” watch as prophecy comes to life.  Some see it as an evil omen while others believe it heralds good things to come.  Whether it portends good or evil depends on where you stand.

Colors of Destiny” is an excerpt from “The Dragon and the Lion – Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross.  Mirella has a magical gift for seeing people for who they really are.  Her eyes can see the colors of their soul.  She knows if they are honest or deceivers, if they are kind or cruel, and if they are destined to do great things.  In this excerpt, Mirella is walking through the city and comparing the auras of the people she sees to the people she knows.  And what she sees is the truth that no one else knows.

Introducing a New Website: Information About Wolves

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"Song of the North" short story and art by Dawn Ross


I love animals, especially carnivorous animals such as lions, bears, and wolves.  As an artist, I started out drawing animals and nature.  As a writer, I have written a couple of short stories about animals.  One such short story can be found on my new website – Information About Wolves.  Click the tab for Fictional Wolf Tale.

“Song of the North” was inspired by Native American legends.  While the rest of the world was scorning wolves and hunting them to near extinction, the Native Americans revered the wolf.  The wolf was a common element in Native American stories and was often the hero.  While my story is not based on any specific Native American legends, it has that Native American feel to it.

True to its name, Information About Wolves is also full of facts about wolves.  Most of the information applies specifically to the most widespread of wolves – the Gray Wolf.  Information about wolves includes wolf habitats, hunting methods, wolf behavior, etc.  I hope to add more information specifically about wolf subspecies such as the Arctic Wolf, Red Wolf, Iberian Wolf, and more in the near future.

Excerpt from The Raven’s Fire, by Dawn Ross – The Keeper of Dragon’s Fire

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The Keeper of the Dragon's Fire

The Keeper of the Dragon's Fire

I am still working on getting my book together for e-publishing.  It is taking a while because I am bogged down with my full time and part time jobs.

While you are patiently waiting, check out the new website I created for an excerpt from my second book, The Raven’s Fire.  The Keeper of the Dragon’s Fire is the prologue to The Raven’s Fire.  The Raven’s Fire is Book Two of the Dukarian Legacy.  The website to visit in order to read this excerpt is

Why I Like as Compared to

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Visit my site for the short story, "Tree Song"

I’ve recently created a couple of websites for my short stories.  These websites were free at and  I made from for my short story titled “Tree Song” and from for my short story titled “Celtic Dragon”.

Of the two sites, I much prefer  Why?  Because I hate the ad on  As far as I can figure, there is no way to alter that ad.  Also, the ad changes and sometimes the ad is misleading.  One of the ads indicated that it was a video.  So people who visited the site clicked on it thinking it was a video for my short story.  And guess what?  They got an error message from their firewall advising that the link was potentially harmless.  AWFUL!

The other thing I don’t like is that I have a hard time entering code.  With, I was able to easily add my Google Adsense code.  And since I can easily add the code, I can put it anywhere I want and not have it interfere with or mislead my site.  I can also choose which ads I do not want.

As far as usability goes, both and are equally simple.  They are different but I did not find one more difficult than the other.  And both have an equal varied assortment of templates.

If it were not for the misleading ads, I would have a difficult time choosing between and  But since has the ugly ads, I will not use them again or recommend them to a friend.  I’m sorry,, if this is your means of making money.  I choose

The Celtic Dragon – Short Story by Dawn R. Ross

Posted in Other Stories with tags on April 9, 2011 by Dawn Ross
The Celtic Dragon by Dawn R. Ross

The Celtic Dragon by Dawn R. Ross

Here is another short story I wrote.  Click on the image above to visit another new website which I built just for this short story.  The website isn’t perfect – yet.  It needs just a little tweaking.

Tree Song by Dawn R. Ross

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Tree Song by Dawn R. Ross

Tree Song by Dawn R. Ross

Click the image above to visit my new website for a short fantasy story I wrote.  (The story is short but it was too long to put in a blog post.)

Guardian of Destiny by D. R. Ross

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Guardian of Destiny

Guardian of Destiny (c) by D. R. Ross

The Guardian of Destiny is a book I am writing which is outside of the Dukarian Legacy series.  I have written 1/5th of the book so far.  But it has been on a shelf for some time.  I want to write it, but I just don’t have the time.  My focus has been on running websites for my other love – dogs.  And recently my focus has been on getting the Dukarian Legacy edited then published.  It may be some time before you see the Guardian of Destiny, but here is a short synopsis.

In the midst of a battle at the Black Wall, two children are kidnapped.  The children escape with the help of an Emerald Falcon Knight.  But now they must flee for their lives from the Great Lord Dorovan.  Dorovan is a deposed god who struggles against his human restraints to take back his godship and rule all the lands.  Despite his humanism, he still has great powers.  But are these powers great enough to capture the child who holds his destiny in the balance?

Only the Guardian of Destiny can save this child and her sister.  But Galavan is just a humble knight with limited magical talents.  And he is honor bound to the Knighthood.  Will he abandon his duties to save what he believes are just mere children?  And if so, will he be able to outwit a god?

Flee across Sendovia with Galavan, the two children, and a disillusioned priestess.  Fight against the wrath of a god and his evil minions.  Join forces with magical creatures and watch as destiny is fulfilled.