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Temporarily Unpublishing The Dukarian Legacy

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As I’ve been writing the new sci-fi novel, I’ve come to realize my writing has come a long way over the past 10+ years. Therefore, I am temporarily removing the fantasy saga, The Dukarian Legacy, as a book for sale. My plan is to rewrite it, then republish it. This may take some time as I am currently focused on the science fiction story series, The Kavakian Empire.

Dawn Ross

Broken Resolutions

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So much for my promise to finish writing the Guardian of Destiny in 2014. And you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting once a week as promised either. I have to admit that much of the reason is due to procrastination. But I do have a few good excuses too. I’m going to tell you about those, then I’m going to tell you a little about my future plans.

Sometime in March, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. In light of that diagnosis, my mom decided she wanted to move from Missouri back home to Oregon. During that process, she spent a week at my house in Kansas. And during that time, my husband was offered a new job in Iowa. Things moved really fast from there. After spending time with my mom in Oregon, I began organizing home repairs. We had carpeting replaced, the wooden floors repaired, painting, mud jacking, and more.

We also had to look for a new place in Des Moines, pack, and organize the move. After that, we had to move in, unpack, and settle in. Until this month, I’ve barely had time to read a book, let alone write one.

My mom is not doing well health-wise. She is getting worse, but she is in amazingly good spirits. And she is in good hands in Oregon with my step-dad, sisters, and a good friend of hers.

Anyway, I think things have settled down enough that I can get back into writing and blogging. In fact, I have a great story idea. And the good news here is that I’m going to write it here on this blog. You’ll get to see it in the raw. Look for more details next week!

What about the Guardian of Destiny? Sorry, that is on the back burner for now. It’s the way of some of us artists. We get inspired by something and go into it full force. On the flip size, if we lose that inspiration our project gets set aside. I will, by no means, put Guardian of Destiny on a shelf to collect dust. I will work on it from time to time as the inspiration motivates me. But don’t count on it being finished any time soon. You might just like the new project I’m working on much more interesting.

Entire Dukarian Legacy Trilogy in Paperback and Ebook

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Years after writing my books, I am proud to say they have all now been published! After having dealt with a shady literary agent, I nearly gave up. Thank you Amazon and CreateSpace for making it possible. I love you! I want to also thank Jason Matthews who wrote the book, “How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for FREE“. If I hadn’t come across this book, it might have been many more years before I braved trying to get the Dukarian Legacy trilogy published. Not only did Jason’s book give me hope, it was also very informative and helpful with the many steps that need to be taken in order to self-publish a book. Thank you, too, for all the family and friends who have read my books and thank you to everyone who will read them soon.

Here are the three books of the Dukarian Legacy trilogy. Clicking the cover will take you to the paperback cover so I have included a text-link to the ebook version right below each one.

The Third Dragon by Dawn Ross

Click cover above for the paperback version. Click the following title for the ebook version of The Third Dragon.

The Raven's Fire by Dawn Ross

Click cover above for the paperback version. Click the following title for the ebook version of The Ravan’s Fire.

The Dragon and the Lion by Dawn Ross

Click cover above for the paperback version. Click the following title for the ebook version of The Dragon and the Lion.


The Dragon and the Lion: Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy

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The Dragon and the Lion Book Cover

After months of procrastinating, Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy series is finally published. The Dragon and the Lion is currently in e-book form on Amazon. Click the image above to go check it out. If I can manage to quit procrastinating, I will have the paperback version ready by the end of the month. 🙂

Thank you to my family, friends, and supporters who helped to cheer me on. It’s been years in the making, but The Dukarian Legacy has finally been told.

Dukarian Legacy Book Three Cover is Complete

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I have finally finished the editing of “The Dragon and the Lion: Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy”. It will be published very very soon, hopefully as an e-book by the end of the month. And hopefully in the beginning of August as a paperback. In the meantime, check out the book cover design.

The Dragon and the Lion Book Cover

I paid for a royalty free image from The image was of a sunset scene with the silhouette of the dragon. And I inserted free clip art of the lioness. The clip art was originally of a yellow lioness, but I modified the colors to match the silhouette of the dragon.

What do you think?

Dawn Ross

Where Have You Been?

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“Where have you been?” I hear you all asking. I just had an email conversation with someone and directed them to this blog where I have some of my fantasy art posted. When I did that, I realized that I have not posted here in a very long time. I have a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t but I won’t bore you with all that. Let me just cut to the chase and say that I am still here. And I will have book three of the Dukarian Legacy published before the end of summer. I wish I could give a more definite date, but I have so much going on that it is difficult for me to stay on track. I only have 10 more chapters of the third book to edit. Then I need to design the book cover. And my final step will be to publish it on Amazon. Sign up for an email notification so that you can be alerted to my next post, where hopefully it will be to tell you The Dragon and the Lion is finally done!

The Dragon and the Lion Prologue Revision

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Back in November I introduced a portion of the prolog to the third fantasy novel of the Dukarian Legacy: The Dragon and the Lion. I said I had trouble making the scenes more vivid. Well, I have done a bit of a revision, but I’m not sure it is enough. Read the following and tell me what you think:

            Death lingered over the land.  Black withered leaves clung precariously to the twisted limbs of old trees.  The ground, littered with decay, struggled to hold on to what little was left of the fading plant life.  But it was a fight that would soon be lost.  The war of man was over for a season, but the coming winter brought its own battle of death.

            Prince Tristan Belanus of Trusca headed home with a feeling of uncertainty.  He thought he was on the path to peace, but everything around him looked ugly and violent.  A vast army of battle-worn and tired men followed in his wake.  Blood and dirt stained their armor and weapons.  Gloominess was borne on their faces.  Although the soldiers were heading home, war would begin anew in the spring.  It seemed the cycle of death would never end.  When, Tristan wondered, would the promised peace come?

            The cold gray sky brought a bitter wind and a biting chill to his bones.  The leather of his gauntlets were stiff with the cold.  If, for some reason, his horse decided to break from his slow plodding and bold, Tristan would not be able to grasp the reins to control him.  But nothing could bring the horse’s head up from its melancholy saunter any more than it could the soldiers.

            Tristan knew King Haban Dukar would not stop until all of Ungal was under his control.  This ruler of Lower Ungal rode beside Tristan on a black Hunarian stallion.  Even while the rest of the soldiers were dirty and tired, King Haban clothing was immaculate right down to his polished black leather boots, and he sat tall and proud in his saddle.  The angular features of his face held a constant scowl. His dark brown hair and trimmed beard framed his face, emphasizing his sharp nose and the dangerous fervor burning in his eyes.  Tristan was reminded of a bird of prey on a lethal hunt.  But he was no bird.  He was a beast, descendant of the ancient Duridian clan of the Dragon.

            King Haban was a man to be feared and Tristan greatly feared him.  The man was a tyrant with a cruel hand and an infinite greed for power.  But fear was not the reason why Tristan had sworn allegiance to him.  He was truly interested in the King’s two sons.

            Prince Kamil and Lord Jofan not only had their father’s blood of the Dragon; but through their mother, they also carried the blood of the legendary King Mitas Renlo of the Lion clan.  These two young men were the sons spoken of in the Prophecy of Peace.


The ancient land will heal

When the blood of Dragon and the blood of Lion freely combine.

Two sons will be born to continue the family line.

            Their legacy will live on,

As these descendants of the Duridians grow into power.

The new blood will rule in peace and their kingdom will flower.


            Useni, Tristan’s trusted companion, told him the Prophecy of Peace was invoked by the red moon and the eclipse of the sun several years ago.  Even though Tristan believed Useni at the time, he was now finding it difficult to keep his faith in this Prophecy.  It was hard to believe Prince Kamil and Lord Jofan were the ones it spoke of.

            The brutality and bloodshed of the past several moons lingered in Tristan’s thoughts.  He reluctantly recalled how he had watched with horror as the two sons ruthlessly slaughtered helpless peasants and even innocent children.  Out of simple anger, the brawny Prince Kamil once beat one of his own men to death with his bare hands.  The terrible grin he wore on his chubby face at the time made Tristan’s skin crawl.

            Lord Jofan was worse.  Although physically weaker than his brother, Lord Jofan was truly the stronger of the two.  Men did not fear him for his brutality; they feared him for his absolute wickedness.  Tristan felt a wave of nausea whenever he looked at him.  The young man had the sharp facial features of his father, but his hair was red, his face pale and freckled, and his eyes were full of cunning.  Those dark eyes held a deathly darkness even deeper than those of the King’s.  Lord Jofan killed just as mercilessly as his elder brother, but he seemed to particularly enjoy torturing his victims before allowing them to die.  Tristan shuddered at the memory of the young lord licking the sticky blood from his fingertips after he had butchered his last victim.

            Tristan broke from his thoughts as a group of soldiers rode up from the rear.  Nothing about their dirty traveling clothes identified them as soldiers or even men of the house of Dukar.  But they had the hard, fierce faces of men who knew how to kill.

            “My King!” one of the larger, more muscular men in the approaching group called.

            Tristan gritted his teeth in revulsion towards this man who spoke.  It was Gavin, the King’s most sadistic tool of war; the same man who had tortured and killed Tristan’s father, Prince Nolan Belanus.  Horrible scars from fire warped Gavin’s face.  One particular scar above his right eyebrow turned a deep red whenever the man was filled with blood-lust, which was much too often.  No one deserved to die as much as this man did.

            “Gavin,” the King replied.  “Did you find him?”

            “No, my King,” Gavin responded with a hint reluctance.  “I even went into the city of Nagad, but I heard no news of him.”

            King Haban’s face turned red with rage but it was Prince Kamil who spoke.  “Perhaps if you hadn’t spent all my father’s money carousing at local taverns, you would’ve found out something useful,” he said contemptuously; the pointed nose, out of place on his round face and head, wrinkled into a snarl..  Tristan was actually pleased with the Prince’s tone this time.  Perhaps when Prince Kamil took his father’s place, he would rid himself of this dangerous man.

            Gavin’s lips curled in a sneer and his eyes glittered darkly.  King Haban appeared not to notice but Prince Kamil did. He responded with a smirk, glad that his goading had an effect.

            “You are supposed to be a great hunter, Gavin,” King Haban said bitterly.  “Surely, if you were as good as you say you are, you would have found some trace or heard some word of him.  I don’t pay you to fulfill your own selfish pleasures.”

            “I swear, my King.  I have spent the entire time looking,” Gavin replied roughly, trying hard to mask the ire from his voice.

            “Then why haven’t you found him?” King Haban challenged with a growl, raising his voice as he continued, “Do you have any idea how important it is that you find him?  He must be stopped.”

            “I am quite aware of how crucial my task is, my King,” Gavin said with a nearly imperious tone.  “I will find him.  I swear it by my own blood; I will find the boy and I will kill him.”

            Even though Tristan did not know whom Gavin and the King spoke of, he heard the conviction in Gavin’s words and it frightened him.  Who was this ‘boy’ and why was it so important that he be killed?