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Synopsis for Book Three – The Dragon and the Lion

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The Dragon and the Lion©

Book Three of the Dukarian Legacy

By Dawn Ross

Battle begins between the kings of Upper, Mid, and Lower Ungal.  Tomis Dukar, now grown into a man, is forced to fight against his own father, King Haban Dukar of the Dragon clan.  Despite the evils his father has done, can Tomis bring himself to kill him?

When the battle is over, new and more dangerous rulers come into power.  Another, more brutal war is pending.  The land of Ungal can’t take much more bloodshed.  Its fate hangs in the balance between life and death.  The second part of the Prophecy of Peace must come to pass.

The new ruler of Mid and Upper Ungal discovers Tomis is the third son and heir of the Dragon King.  Tomis must not only run for his life, but he must save the long lost granddaughter of King Mitas the Lion.  He must take her to safety and fulfill their destiny of the Prophecy of Peace.

Synopsis for Book Two – The Raven’s Fire

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The Raven’s Fire©

Book Two of the Dukarian Legacy

By Dawn Ross

Lord Kildas Lakast of the Raven clan is cursed by the mysterious People of the Dragon.  Everyone he has ever known, including his wife and children, must beware the perils of the fire demons or be burned.  To relieve the Curse of Fire, Kildas must travel into the enchanted Andagaran Mountains and find an egg of a dragon.

In the meantime, Tomis Dukar and his friends are attacked and held hostage by brutal Outlanders.  The Outlander leader, Thorolf, threatens to take the lives of the Prince and Princess of Upper Ungal if the Crown of Creation is not given to him.  With this Crown of the Gods, Thorolf could rule the world.  Tomis is tempted to use his magic to kill Thorolf, but if he uses this blessed gift of the gods to bring death, the Prophecy of Peace will no longer hold true and the Brother of Death will prevail.  Tomis’ cunning and the Curse of Fire may be all that can save him and the people of Ungal.

Synopsis for Book One – The Third Dragon

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The Third Dragon©

Book One of the Dukarian Legacy

By Dawn R. Ross

Generations of war has devastated the land of Ungal.  The people are forced to endure constant violence and turmoil.  But there is hope.  The oracles reveal the Prophecy of Peace.  It is foretold that the Third Dragon will set the Prophecy in motion and eventually bring peace to the land.

Our hero, Tomis Dukar, is the third son of King Haban Dukar, descendant of the ancient Dragon clan.  Tomis is fated to be the Third Dragon of the Prophecy, but his father has his own ideas of how the Prophecy is to be fulfilled.  King Haban sees Tomis as a threat to his ambitions.  Especially when he learns Tomis has the magical ability to heal or kill with a mere touch.  So before Tomis can fulfill his destiny, he must survive the evil of his father.

Blood is drawn; the choice is made.  Tomis begins his journey when he is still a young boy.  He is rescued by a common soldier, who has some magical ability to sense the thoughts of others.  An enemy of the King, Lord Kildas Lakast of the Raven clan, aids Tomis against the King’s soldiers.  Sisters of an order of magic protect him from the magic of the King’s necromancer.