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How I find Inspiration to Write

Posted in About the Author, Writing with tags on April 12, 2011 by Dawn Ross

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Writing does not come easy for me.  While I may daydream a lot, converting my imagination into a story is difficult.  Daydreaming is easy.  Creative writing is not.  Once I get all the hard work of research and outlining the story down, I have to be in the right frame of mind in order to write creatively and from the heart.  So how do I get myself into that mindset?  Here are a few of the most common ways which work for me:

Read Short Stories
Reading short stories written by other authors can be very inspiring.  I don’t copy their ideas, but their ideas sometimes open my mind and get that creative wheel churning.

Join a Writer’s Club
Other writers can be a great inspiration for writing.  I have established relationships both online and off.  So I have a great source of people where I can read their work, get good tips, and receive constructive criticism.

Look At Art
This is unique to me as I am a fantasy writer.  Looking at fantasy art of dragons, fairies, and men in knightly armor sometimes gets me in the right mood for creative writing.

Watch a Movie
Sometimes I watch movies for inspiration.  Even though I have seen Lord of the Rings a hundred times, watching it again can get my imagination going.

Make a To-do List and Time Table
This is a very important thing that I need to do in order to write.  I have to set aside time and dedicate myself to that time.  If I don’t set a time and a time table, I tend to procrastinate.

Just Do It
If I do not have any creative juices flowing when my time to write has come, I just do it anyway.  My work is not at its best when it is forced.  But sometimes just the act of writing gets me in the right mind set.

Some of these techniques work and sometimes they don’t.  And some work better than others.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill.  But the biggest key is to keep trying.

What do you find inspiration to write?