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Create Your Fantasy World

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 17, 2014 by Dawn Ross

At the Heart of Winter, Nick Deligaris (2D)

Did you find an idea in your journal or through one of your writing exercises that you want to expand on? Then it’s time to sit down and create your fantasy world.

What Do You Feel?
Start with the idea that inspired you and daydream about it. Think about how your idea makes you feel and why it makes you feel that way.

Define Your Setting
What is it about your fantasy world that makes it unique and interesting? Defining your world can be very complicated. Think about some of the basic characteristics of your world and its culture. You can develop it further as you expand on your story.

Your Hero
Who is your main character? Start with the basics. What does he or she look like? What is the task he is going to accomplish? What are the prominent characteristics he needs to complete his task? Don’t worry if the character seems a bit bland at this point. As you write, his character will develop more. But the more you start with, the more deeply he can develop.

The Antagonist
Then think about your antagonist. Who is the bad guy? What does he or she want? What is his motivation? What does he look like?

Supporting Characters
Consider the main supporting characters. Perhaps you have more than one hero. If just one hero, certainly he or she doesn’t act alone. Who aids him on his quest? What do they have to offer that he, himself, does not possess?

The Plot
This is probably the most important thing you can consider. You might have a good idea for a part in the story, but it all has to come together somehow. If you don’t have a plot, then anyone who reads your book will be thinking to themselves, “What is the freakin point?” Consider the book, “20 Master Plots“.

20 Master Plots Book Cover

For me, creating the fantasy world is the part about writing I find most fun. Although there are important components to think about, it doesn’t have to be technical. Be sure to write down and organize your ideas, though, so you can make sure you are consistent and for in case you need to set aside your story for a while.