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Fantastic Book Review Given for “The Third Dragon”

Posted in Book 1 - The Third Dragon, Reviews, The Dukarian Legacy - Fantasy Novels with tags , , , on October 22, 2011 by Dawn Ross
Third Dragon Book Cover

“The Third Dragon: Book One of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross

Diane Donovan with Midwest Book Review has given “The Third Dragon; Book One of the Dukarian Legacy” eBook a great review. Here is her entire review:

The Third Dragon (The Dukarian Legacy) opens with a description of a land devastated by generations of war where a prophecy of peace is the country’s only hope against the constant fighting between factions.

One Tomis Dukar, the third son of King Haban Dukar and descendant of the ancient Dragon clan involved in the prophecy, is pitted against his own evil father who has a different idea of how the prophecy is to be fulfilled. His first task involves a struggle against his own blood for his survival.

The future of Ungal seems to lie in the Dragon clan … but how the prophecy is interpreted could change or destroy the country. The resulting conflict leads Tomis to undertake a long journey at a young age during which he confronts different ideas and incarnations of evil, finds unusual friends with unique abilities to compliment his own powers, and finds help in a magical order that lends him power against the evil forces amassing against him.

Tomis’ ability can lead him to heal or kill with a single touch: but can these powers bring peace to a divided world? And can healing and help be brought to a world through battle strategies?: “It was he who was staring at the ashes of the fire now. Did Mitas kill innocent people to achieve his ends? Is there such a thing as a hero? How could he continue to be a warrior when he wasn’t certain if he was fighting for the right thing?”

Poetic reflections on right, wrong, and struggle permeate a fine story of friendships and the hidden costs of warfare and even peace.

In the end spirits, magic, and issues of a father’s love and dangerous ambitions come together in an unexpected manner to provide a satisfying conclusion to a fantasy adventure packed with action and twists of plot and characterization.

The story won’t end here: anticipate additions to The Dukarian Legacy down the line, even as the dust barely settles on Tomis’ ultimate fate and legacy.

The Third Dragon; Book One of the Dukarian Legacy” by Dawn Ross is available at and will also be featured on Midwest Book Review in November 2011.